The main role of the mentor is to assist the mentee’s transition to higher education and/or facilitate a mentee’s interest in a particular career path. Mentors will meet this objective by providing practical advice on tertiary courses and career options, advice on scholarships, exposure to new experiences, and direction in regards to extracurricular activities or other areas of social support.

It is important that the mentor is a listener, advisor, and role model to the mentee. Mentors should also be culturally aware and able to relate to young people.

The main responsibilities of the mentor:

  • A minimum 1 year commitment. 
  • Meet the mentee face-to-face twice monthly.  
  • Attend the mentor training session. 
  • Attend the orientation event to meet the mentee.
  • Maintain regular contact via texting or email with the mentee. 
  • Attend workshops with the mentee to support the mentee and build the mentoring relationship. 
  • Ensure the mentee is made aware of workshops relevant to their interests and areas of need.
  • Communicate all relevant opportunities shared by the Empower team with the mentee.
  • Complete the necessary paperwork and feedback reports at the mentoring sessions and email these to their Team Leader. 
  • Ensure Team Leaders are aware of meetings before they occur. 
  • Set goals with the mentee. 
  • Maintain contact with a Team Leader for their region and keep the Team Leader informed of any issues in the mentoring relationship or the programme in general.